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Activities for all ages and skill levels

Popular events:

-Horse Release Sikkilsdalen (Midsummer Eve)

-Skåbu Liv Lågå (3. weekend in July, local marked)

-Skåbu Mountain Marathon (autumn holiday) yearly

-Checkpoint Skåbu Gausdal Maraton (Dogsledding, ca. around 10th of January every year, 3rd biggest long distance race in Norway)

At Skåbu hyttegrend

At Skåbu Hyttegrend we offer ceveral recreational opportunities like badminton, volleyball, darts or relaxation on or by the sea. There is a children’s playground and a trampoline.

In the common room you can watch TV or play Playstation or soccer.

Talk to us in the reseption regaring the opertunities.

Besseggen hiking trail

The most famous hike in Jotunheimen, the Besseggen trail, earns its own alinea on this informationpage.

The hike is of a length of about 15-16 kilometers and takes about 6 hours for a trained hiker, are you not trained that well(like us) don’t be surprised if it takes 8 hours… Plan your trip carefully; and it may take a big effort, the boattrip over lake Gjende and especially the magical view makes everything worth while!


Look for the excitement while you are rafting on the Sjoa-river!

We have information available about a few specialists in Rafting: Sjoa Rafting and Heidal Rafting. They can advise you about the possibilities of familyrafting or the wilder forms of rafting!

Fishing and boat- and canoe rentals

Besides fishing (we sell fishinglicenses) and swimming, Skåbu Hyttegrend offers its guests the opportunity to rent a canoe or a small boat.

Enjoy the tranquillity on the lake, while staring at your floater. Look from your boat deep into the clearest water you ever experienced. The obligated safejackets are available for free!!!

Ask at the reseption.


To guide your own dogsledd over the mountains is an adventure! The trips that are offered have different lengths from an hour up to several days.
If you plan a dogsleddingtrip in the winder, do not forget to take suitable clothes; winters can be cold! Dogsledding is also possible in the summer times.

Ask for information at the reception.

Beautiful hikingtracks in the 'backyard' of Skåbu Hyttegrend

These wonderful hikes in the woods, towards for example the Vinstrafalls or the Espefalls are intense beautiful! And what about the great hikes to the Skardfjell, Storhøliseter, or after a little drive Sikkilsdalen, where the Norwegian King Harald has his wintercabin?

These hikingtrails er suitable for all familymembers. On trail, in nature, picknicking with your family on a bed of reindeermoss, with the sound of a waterfall or river on the background. Is life getting better then such a moment?

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